Full Set of Lashes



Full Set of Lashes is what we, lash stylists, call the first application of lash extensions on your natural lashes.


Arriving to your first appointment

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment to fill up the entry form and prepare for the appointment. Please make sure you come without eye make-up, or if you happen to have some on I have to kindly ask to remove it.


The first appointment will start with a 10 minute consultation. In the consultation I will explain the entire process of applying lashes from the very beginning. We will also discuss lash hygiene and aftercare.

If you are not sure what do book, feel free to book a free 20-minute consultation first, where we can discuss different types of lashes and choose the most suitable lash style for you. You can find out more about the free consultation here.


Cleaning of lashes

After the consultation we will start with cleaning your lashes with special lash shampoo to make sure there is no residue and your lashes are well prepared for the application of your brand new extensions.


Application of lashes

Lash application is a long process and can be very time consuming. I have put a lot of effort in to making sure your appointment is as comfortable as possible – all you have to do is relax on the cosy foam mattress and specially designed pillow. Extra blankets are provided to make you feel just that little bit more relaxed.

I always apply extensions on all of your lashes – even the tiny little lashes get their own superlight extensions to give your lashes that extra bit of fullness.



As much as I would love to chat to all my clients (I’ve made so many friends through doing this!), I will have to ask you to be quiet and still – for safety reasons. Adhesive likes humidity and your eyes are very moist, so it is important to make sure you don’t open your eyes – we don’t want any lash fumes getting into your eyes.


Relaxing and enjoyable

Lash process is pain free and enjoyable. I have different playlist or audio books available to listen. You can always request your favourites as well.

Your comfort is of upmost importance to me, so feel free to let me know straight away if anything is uncomfortable or disturbing you.


Full set extensions takes about 2hours 15 minutes for the Classic Lashes and 3hours for the Russian Volume.

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Classic Lashes are natural looking and luxurious eyelash extensions mostly used for everyday wear, perfect for people with dense and healthy lash line. Classic eyelash extensions are applied one by one to achieve the maximum result.

Classic lashes are best suited for people who are after the everyday mascara look and have a good amount of natural lashes to start with.

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Classic + 2D, 3D are a mix of single lash extensions and handmade 2D, 3D fans. On half of your lashes, the Classic technique is used – the thicker extensions are applied one by one. On the other half fans consisting of 2 or 3 thinner lash extensions (2D, 3D) are applied.

Perfect for clients who are after a natural look with just that little extra volume.

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Fan or bouquet of lightweight lashes applied to a single lash to create the darkest and fullest look possible. Russian Volume Lash Stylists create a bouquet of lashes, fanning out 2-7 super lightweight single lashes and placing them on to one natural lash to create the fullest-looking lashes.

Best suited for people who are after more dramatic and extravagant look.

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