Refer a friend

Refer a friend & you both get $20 off your next appointment!


Want to receive $20 off your next appointment? Or all your appointments? It’s easy!  Simply refer a friend to Mila Lashes and you both receive a $20 discount on your next appointment.


How do I refer a friend?


Glad you asked! There are two easy ways to refer a friend:

1. Use one of our referral cards (available at the home salon)

  1. Refer your friend to for booking and ask them to write your name as the referrer in the Additional Information field.


For YOU to earn your $20 credit:


– Your friend must complete their first appointment for you to receive $20 discount. Your coupon code will be sent to you via text message.


For YOUR FRIEND to earn their $20 credit

– If they want to redeem their $20 credit for their first booking, they need email before booking their appointment to receive their discount code.


Otherwise, they will receive their discount coupon at their first appointment & they will be able to use it towards their next appointment.

And it gets better! There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer. You’ll always receive a $20 credit for every friend you successfully refer to Mila Lashes


**Every coupon code has a lifetime of 12 months, bookings must be made within than period to receive the discount

**Referred client must be NEW to Mila Lashes