Trina was happy to be my model when I first started working with L+ curl volume lashes. The thing that makes the L curl lash special is it’s shape – it looks just like the letter L. At first I was hesitant about using L+ curl volume lashes, as they are not used very often – but seeing how well it can hide a hooded eyelid or compliment a monolid, I am confident they will suit a range of different face types and facial features.



Kristiina is a lash stylist herself and it is always an honour to do her lashes. She has been my client for more than 3 months now and we’ve become great friends – lash stylists stick together after all. Kristiina has incredibly long and strong natural lashes, so even when she comes in for an infill every 3 weeks, her lashes still look great.


Kristiina is wearing Classic Lash Extensions styled to cat eye effect.




Sirley is a long time client of mine – she normally wears Classic Lashes, but this time she wanted to try something different and we decide to try the  Classic+ 2D, 3D look on her with some brown lash extensions. We both loved the outcome and thought she looked wonderful with her new lashes.




These are Rachel’s first ever lashes, what a special day! They are Russian Volume Lashes consisting of 4D-5D fans and styled in the natural look. Even though I don’t normally recommend a look this dark to blondes, we decided to give it a go – she was after something a bit more dramatic and playful after all.


Rachel was very happy with her lashes and I loved the way they made her beautiful blue eyes stand out even more.




Sirley & her Classic Lashes. Sirley has beautiful strong lashes, but a very short lash cycle – her natural lashes grow very fast and have a short life cycle. You can even see it in the photos, her natural lashes have grown so much after just 3 weeks, with the extensions still attached. What I love about Sirley as a client is that she always takes great care of her lashes and her lashes look and feel healthy.