Kristiina is a lash stylist herself and it is always an honour to do her lashes. She has been my client for more than 3 months now and we’ve become great friends – lash stylists stick together after all. Kristiina has incredibly long and strong natural lashes, so even when she comes in for an infill every 3 weeks, her lashes still look great.


Kristiina is wearing Classic Lash Extensions styled to cat eye effect.




Sirley & her Classic Lashes. Sirley has beautiful strong lashes, but a very short lash cycle – her natural lashes grow very fast and have a short life cycle. You can even see it in the photos, her natural lashes have grown so much after just 3 weeks, with the extensions still attached. What I love about Sirley as a client is that she always takes great care of her lashes and her lashes look and feel healthy.






Stacie is a long time client of mine and in this photo you can see her with the Classes + 2D, 3D look. Stacie was after a natural, yet noticeable look and because of her naturally dark brows and hair, we decided to add some 2D and 3D fans to her Classic look for added fullness.


Stacie was after something a bit more special, so given her facial features and eye shape, we decided to would try the cat eye look on her. The cat eye is absolutely beautiful when done on the right person, but it is risky as well, as it can make the wrong eye shape look “heavy” and tired. Stacie looked stunning with her new lashes – absolutely rocked it!



I loved having Maria as a model – her natural lashes are very healthy and long and she was absolute pleasure to work with.


She modelled for me when I was doing my Classic Lash Advanced Training at S-Lashes. The photo here is the result of the infill training session where I fixed some mistakes and styled new lashes.