Russian Volume Lashes



Fan or bouquet of lightweight lashes applied to a single lash to create a more dramatic and extravagant look.


Russian volume lashes are the latest trend in the world of lash extensions. This technique originates from Russia, where lash stylists created a bouquet of lashes, fanning out 2-7 super lightweight single lashes and placing them on to one natural lash to create the fullest-looking lashes possible.


The lash extensions used here a very thin and lightweight so they wouldn’t be too heavy for your natural lashes to carry. In fact Russian Volume Lashes are so light that 6 of them weigh the same as one single classic lash extension. Placing too many thicker and heavier lash extensions on just one single lash can cause damage to your natural lashes, which is why it is important to use lightweight extensions when applying more than one extension on one single lash.


The fans used for Russian Volume Lashes are all created by hand using single lashes, instead of using pre-made fans. I craft each fan out of numerous lashes using a set of tweezers before attaching them on to your existing lashes. Compared to using pre-made fans, this gives me more freedom to cater to your specific needs, to take into account your lash health and avoid using excessive amount of glue.


The artistic freedom I get from custom building the fans specifically for your eye is very rewarding as it just gives the best results in the both the look and the durability of your lash extensions.


I always apply extensions to 100% of your own lashes to achieve the maximum result. Session length: up to 3h

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If you are not sure if lash extensions are for you, you are welcome to come to a free 20-minute consultation – it’s a great way to get to know me, learn more about different types of lashes and what to expect and ask any questions you might have. We will discuss different curls, lash hygiene, aftercare and choose the most suitable lash style for you.

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Full Set of Lashes is the first application of lash extensions on your natural lashes. I offer Classic, Classic + 2D 3D and Russian Volume Lashes and I have all sizes (6mm-12mm), thickness (0.07-0.15) and curls (C, D) available to create many different styles and looks. I always apply extensions on all of your lashes to create a smooth but effective lash line.

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Your natural lashes are replaced every 6-8 weeks and with them some of your extensions will fall out as well – this is why infills are needed. Infills should be done every 2-3 weeks and one appointment takes 2 hours to complete. Keep in mind that if your infill appointment is more than 4 weeks from your last appointment, it is considered to be a new full set.

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