Difference Between Classic Lashes and Russian Volume Lashes

What is the difference between Classic lashes and Russian Volume lashes? This is a common question. Both lash styles enhance the  length, curliness, fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes. However, the main factor which differentiates Russian Volume lashes from Classic lashes is the intensity in the style of lashes and the application process.

Classic Lashes VS Russian Volume Lashes – Characteristics

Classic lashes are extensions applied individually, a ratio of one to one depending on the amount of lashes the client has thus,


helping to achieve a natural look – great for everyday wear. In contrast, Russian Volume lashes, is a style which aims to create more volume. This is a new technique which has been introduced into the lash industry. Russian volume lashes are very light, and include hand-made fans (2D-7D) which are applied to your natural lashes to create an intense look. The ratio of extensions to natural lashes can vary from three-seven extensions per lash.


Classic Lashes VS Russian Volume Lashes – Application 

The main factor which differentiates Russian Volume lashes from Classic lashes is the application process.

Classic lashes involve lashes with a thickness of 0.10 – 0.15 mm. They are applied one by one meaning that the lashes should not clump together and instead should be separated. Classic lashes give a soft natural looking mascara effect. In contrast, Russian Volume lashes involve the lash

technician creating fans out of the lash extensions. This can vary from two – ten lashes on

each fan. This is how lash artist adjust their look from natural to dramatic. Here at Mila Lashes, all Russian Volume lashes are made by hand in order to cater for clients lash needs. This allows me more freedom to create different styles, mixing different curls and lengths together. Find out more about Russian Volume lashes click here and to find more information about Classic lashes click here.









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